Back Creek Retrievers

Back Creek’s Happydaug Benelli

DOB:  6-2-2006
FC-AFC Emberain Beau Geste OS FDHF  x  Happydaug Takn Care’O Biznes, MH***WCX OD

Nelli arrived at Back Creek in the summer of 2006 as my first experiment with a true, field quality Golden retriever.  I had owned and trained Goldens in the past, but I had always wanted a quality, field bred Golden to add to my kennel here at Back Creek.  After a diligent search that took well over two years, I found a breeding that met my criteria.  From that litter, Nelli was picked and she has not disappointed.  In addition to her being a real pleasure to train, she has the retrieving desire and tractability that I was looking for when I began my search.  At six months of age, Nelli accompanied me and my older dogs on my annual hunting trip to Kansas for waterfowl and upland game.  Her performance far exceeded my expectations!  Not only did she display an unexpected fever in retrieving ducks and geese (she had never retrieved a duck or goose prior to this trip), she quickly found that finding ring necks was just as much fun.  After several years afield, Nelli became one of my go-to retrievers and her pups are proving to be outstanding gun dogs as well.  Nelli has proved to be an outstanding addition to the long line of quality Back Creek retrievers!

Back Creek’s Nicki

DOB:  4-2-2010
Basinger’s Fenway Sox x Basinger’s Georgia Ruth

Nicki came to Back Creek Kennel in the summer of 2010.  The Boykin Spaniel breed has always intrigued me, so when I got the opportunity to get a pup from a quality breeding, the desire to give one a try was just too hard to turn down.  I wanted a darker colored female, with medium length, wavy hair that closely resembled what I considered the ideal Boykin Retriever.  Nicki met my criteria and so I plucked from her littermates and brought her to Back Creek with the intention of making her my hot weather dove dog, wood duck fetcher, and eventually hope to see her in action on mid-west roosters.  Nicki is an incredibly birdie dog, and will hunt relentlessly for birds she has winded or sees fall.  She loves the water, whether it is cold or not and spend all day in the field looking for feathered fowl if you let her.  Many folks that have seen Nicki in person have asked about pups from Nicki and a litter is planned for Spring 2018.  If you would like to get on my puppy list send me an email or call.

Back Creek’s Fowlin’ Around

DOB:  1-19-2012
FC-AFC Aran Island’s Dougan x Duxbay’s Rose A Texas, MH

You could say Jetta arrived at Back Creek on a whim.  Having just lost two of the best dogs I’ve ever had at Back Creek (Scooter and Reese), for the first time in at least two decades I was without a Labrador Retriever in my kennel.  Unable to find a pup out of my earlier line of dogs, I located a Lab breeding whose pedigree and genetics intrigued me and luckily there was one female left from the litter.  My son Ben and I made the trip to Laurinburg, NC and found this high-rolling little puppy that he decided should come home with us.  Little did we know she would become a duck fetching machine.  Since she arrived at Back Creek Kennel, Jetta has logged many thousands of miles both locally and to the mid-west in pursuit of waterfowl and upland game.  Jetta dearly loves the hunt and will sit and scan the skies for approaching fowl.  She is also a joy to have around the home where her and the other Back Creek dogs spend their time hanging out together.  Jetta has been a wonderful addition to the Back Creek family and we look forward to sharing many more years with her in the blind.

Back Creek’s Georgia Girl

DOB: 5-22-2014
HR Justaintwhistlindixie x Back Creek’s Nicki